This is a website that details what I believe is a miscarriage of justice

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you can assist in my quest for justice.

This website tells my story - names have been with-held so that the guilty fully appreciate that full exposure could be coming their way at any time.

I spent months living in fear of what might happen next.  Now it's their turn.

Those who want to can easily find out the names of those involved, just by searching the internet. I realise from my experiences to date, that some people have friends in "high places", and I want to ensure this story makes an impact when it is fully exposed, so that its telling cannot be derailed.

I make an open appeal to members of the national press and media to contact me, so that we may work together on getting the truth out to as wide an audience as possible.

I'd really appreciate it, and I'm waiting to hear from you media types...

In the meantime, on this page you will also find access to images of some of the documents that help make my case, suitably 'redacted' to conceal the names of the guilty.

Introduction and Outline

On June 2006, I had a 'verbal' - a disagreement with a neighbour - regarding a parking dispute. This resulted in her, Denise Black, getting the Police to telephone the local Social Services about me, stating to them that my child was in danger.

The local Police seemed to take this lady's side right from the very beginning.  I was very lucky, in that Social Services dismissed this referral, and closed the case the same day - I should note I did not find out about this referral until 2011, nearly five years later. That was not the end of the story.

Several weeks after this very first 'verbal', her brother Dr Haslam, Dundonald Health Centre, Belfast, deliberately parked in the same continuous parking area that the disagreement was about. There was space in the neighbour's driveway for six vehicles, but this Doctor decided to park outside my daughter's bedroom window. There was a disagreement with the Doctor over this - witnessed by my two family members.

Four days after this disagreement over the parking area, the Doctor had the Police make a call to a Clerk at Whiteabbey Hospital.  The Police Officer, Sgt Sheridan, who made the call for this Doctor had never even met me before in his life. You should also note that the Clerk had nothing to do with The Mental Health Team in Carrickfergus. The Clerk passed on the Doctor's details to a Receptionist at the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) in Carrickfergus. The Receptionist who took the call passed the Doctor's details on to a Social Worker, who then telephoned the Doctor.

It is at this point the Doctor referred me to be sectioned.

That was only the start of my story.  Even worse was to come...

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