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In June 2006, I had a 'verbal' - a disagreement with a neighbour - regarding a parking dispute. This resulted in her, Denise black, getting the Police to telephone the local Social Services about me, stating to them that my child was in danger. The local Police seemed to take this lady's side right from the very beginning.  I was very lucky, in that Social Services dismissed this referral, and closed the case the same day - I should note I did not find out about this referral until 2011, nearly five years later. That was not the end of the story.

Several weeks after this very first 'verbal', her brother Dr Haslam, Dundonald Health Centre, Belfast, deliberately parked in the same continuous parking area that the disagreement was about. There is space in the Neighbour's driveway for six vehicles, but this Doctor decided to park outside my daughter's bedroom window. There was a disagreement with the Doctor regarding this - witnessed by my two family members.

Four days after this disagreement over the parking area, the Doctor had the Police make a call to a Clerk at Whiteabbey Hospital.  The Police Officer who made the call for this Doctor, Sgt Sheridan, had never even met me before in his life. You should also note that the Clerk had nothing to do with The Mental Health Team in Carrickfergus. The Clerk passed on the Doctor's details to a Receptionist at the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) in Carrickfergus. The Receptionist who took the call passed the Doctor's details on to a Social Worker, who then telephoned the Doctor.

It is at this point the Doctor referred me to be sectioned.


The CMHT have since confirmed that the Doctor had made this referral, and it was the Doctor who wanted me sectioned. However, this was dismissed by my own doctor as inappropriate, unethical and against my human rights.

The Doctor who tried to have me sectioned stated to my face that I was psychologically disturbed. However, he stated to the Mental Heath Team that I was psychotic, delusional, that I had bizarre behaviour and he feared I would self harm. Nasty and angry words.

I found the course of events to that point very sinister. How could this Doctor, who had only just met me for the first time, and then only for a couple of minutes as witnessed by my family members, then escalate things in the way he had?

The CMHT then wrote out to the Doctor, confirming that they had spoken with my doctor. The referral was dismissed and the case closed.

Several weeks went by from this attempt to have me sectioned. Just when I thought everything had been settled, the doctor, Dr Haslam, came back with her police officer brother in law Peter Black whom works as a crime officer in seapark psni carrickfergus. They both deliberately parked in the same continuous parking area, about which the disagreement had originally begun.

On that day, my partner and I were allegedly cautioned for harassing them. However that is FALSE. Both of us can take a lie detector on the facts of this, in particular that we were NOT cautioned. I was not cautioned or warned by a constable, Noel Teeney. It appears that, as they couldn't get me sectioned, they did the next best thing. They kept on making up false statements, and had me arrested for harassment in December 2006.


I appeared court in December 2007 and convicted of lying. All of my neighbour's family members including the Doctor, the Police Officer, and her friends, testified against me. All of them, to the best of my knowledge, not telling the truth.

Whenever the Doctor took the stand, my Barrister asked him: "Doctor, did you contact anyone in regards to Diane Taylor's mental state of health?"

The Doctor replied "no". This question was repeated again, and the Doctor again replied "no". I stood up in court and stated that this Doctor had perjured himself. There was silence in the court room before the Prosecuting Barrister handed a sheet of A4 paper to the Judge, and stated that it was, in actual fact, Carrickfergus Police.

This woman, the Neighbour, also tried to get other neighbours to testify against me in court. They proved to be impartial, and would not get involved. They were also my friends.

I was handed a six month suspended sentence, suspended for two years. This woman also asked the Judge that I be removed from my home, as the house was in my boyfriend's name.

The judge looked bemused at this point, and stated: " that is what the injuction and suspended sentence was for". I knew I was in serious trouble. I seemed to be dealing with a well-connected family, and sinister things that were happening to me as a result.  Although I lodged an appeal, I was not confident of the result. When no lawyer or barrister would take my case, there was only one thing to do... contact a newspaper.

I phoned several newspapers, but only the Sunday World would pick up on my story. I also contacted my MP, Sammy Wilson, regarding the Doctor's evidence given in court. Sammy Wilson wrote out to the PPS and the General Medical Council with these misconduct allegations. The PPS wrote back to Sammy Wilson and stated that, as there was an appeal listed for a hearing, any questions regarding perjury or misconduct allegations should be addressed in court. The Doctor should answer any questions under cross-examination.

However when the case got to court, I was 'gagged', unable to ask any questions to the Doctor regarding these issues.


My appeal was in June 2008, and casting my net more widely, I was lucky to find a company of solicitors who I thought would represent me. However, the day before court, i met with these solicitors, and matters took a bizarre twist. I had my daughter present with me, and I could not believe what they said to her. They told me that they were not going to be dealing with the perjury allegations, or the referral that the Doctor made. They told me that I needed to sign a piece of paper, admit my guilt and get on with my life. They then said to my daughter, along the lines of: "Would you really like to visit your mummy in prison? Do you think your mummy would suit being in prison? We know how head-strong your mummy is, but you need to take your mummy aside and tell her to stop being so silly, and she will sign a piece of paper, and admit her guilt, and get a small fine".

Sophia was crying and upset. I took her home that day and told her not to worry - I would represent myself and no harm would come to me.

The Sunday World sat in court with me as I took on the task of being my own legal representative, in what was a three day appeal.

The first day in court saw the Neighbour ask the Judge to give her a video link-up. The Judge was bemused by this request, and asked: "what do you think this is, a child sex abuse case?"  There was never any threat of violence or any threat to fear for this woman.

Court commenced, and I asked the Judge to throw the case out of court, as my initial statement to the Police had gone 'missing', probably down the back of a shelf in Carrickfergus Police Station. I also pointed out to the Judge, that the Police Ombudsman had made recommendations in my case, as regards to a petty neighbourhood dispute being dragged into court. In fact, I was the one who was being harassed, because of what the Neighbour's brother, the Doctor, had done towards me, in both referring me to the CMHT and the names he called me.

I told the Judge that my partner and I were not cautioned, as had been stated. However, the Constable that allegedly cautioned my partner and I was not even present in court , therefore i could not cross-examine him. Also, the Police Officer, who was the Neighbour's family member, submitted a false statement regarding myself. The Judge was aware that this statement was false, as I made it clear that it was false in court, under cross-examination of the Police Officer related to the Neighbour.

There were nine witnesses who, during proceedings, I believed I demonstrated were also lying. The Judge didn't throw the case out of court, however she dismissed some of the charges against me and lowered the sentence to four months, suspended for two years.

The Judge then gagged the Sunday World on running the story, but they had that overturned a few weeks later. No sooner was the ink dry on the newspaper stories than my Neighbour made more false allegations.


I had made a statement of complaint regarding the Neighbour harassing me, and I had two witnesses. However, yet again Carrickfergus Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) were taking the Neighbour's side, and they arrested me. The Police had head cameras in my face. I was very distressed, crying and in a state of panic. I had the threat of prison hanging over my head because of this woman's apparent aversion to the truth.

The Police locked me in a cell in Antrim Special Criminal Suite for several hours over these false allegations, even though they had not one shread of evidence to back up this woman's claims. It seemed to be only her word...  yet again. In that cell, there was to be more himilation: they urinated all over the cell, and told me to use the toilet which had a camera pointed on it. I was seen by a  Police Solicitor, who told me that I was going to prison first thing in the morning, stating I should have had the brain cells to move house long before now! Luckily, I have a sister in the Police, and I made a call to her. It was she who got me out released from the cell after several hours. The downside is she sent me to another Solicitor who turned out to be another disappointing member of that profession.

After I was released, having been charged with the alleged offense of "giving her the middle finger, in front of (her) children", I knew there was only one way to prove my innocence: take a lie detector test. 


The pps have bullied and victimised myself from 2006. They were well aware that my first statement had gone missing down the back of a shelf in carrickfergus police station for 8 months yet they still wasted tax payer's money by bringing a petty neighbourhood dispute to court.

The pps had no evidence against me for harrasment only the word of a compulsive liar Denise Black.

Furthermore they bullied and victimised me when 6 weeks after my first arrest I witnessed a male in a van doing a sex act in a public place to which he admitted and the pps gave him a caution. They were aware that i had a previous serious sexual assualt in may 2000 witnessed by my daughter and an independant witness and this further sexual incident brought about my trauma again yet when i complained about the caution they stated it was the man's first offence.

I have never been in trouble in My life before and they took me to court yet let this pervert off with a caution. The evidence of which is on this website.

Furthermore the pps again bullied and victimised me  by arresting me on false allegations on 11th aug 2008 on the say so of lies from Denise Black yet again.

I was taken to court for 6 months only for charges to be dropped without me even present in court. They should have quashed my previous conviction as it was now unsafe but they did not. They should have charged Denise Black with false allegations but they did not.

In my opinion the pps are not fit for public service and are not to be trusted!!!!!!


The Police Ombudsman of N Ireland made recommendations in my case to all of the PSNI stations in N Ireland regards to dealing with petty neighbourhood disputes in the near future. These recommendations were never released to myself by the police ombudsman until this year when i made a freedom of information request regards these recommendations. They were then released into the public domain via my truth and justice page.

0n August 11th 2008 there was a letter sent out to myself and Mr Steele from the Police Ombudsman regards to a file being prepared for submission to the Police Professional Standards department in relation to misconduct in my case (evidence of this letter on this website).

There was no file Ever sent to the Police Professional Standards Department regards misconduct in my case because what actually happened next was the the Police Ombudsman did a u turn that very evening of the 11th August 2008 and in my opinion they did a u turn because of further false allegation made my Denise Black.

The lie detector shows the date of the further false allegation as the questions were regards to false allegations made on the 11th August 2008.

In my opinion the Police Ombudsman work far too closely with the PSNI and cover up for serious misconduct and are not to be trusted. The Police Ombudsman are not fit for purpose!


I asked lie dectector expert Terry Mullins to fly over from England and administer a test on me.

This test proved my innocence regarding the false allegations.

Not only did the lie detector test prove that i was telling the truth, it also proved that the Neighbour was telling lies, and pointed to her being the one who was harassing me!

This lie detector test cost me £750. I was taken to court every other month to stand in front of judges and security personel, treated like a criminal, only for the trial to be put off again and again. On one of the dates, I was stood in court and the prosecuting barrister said: "Your honour, we want to change the order from harassment to: she's a pest". I couldn't quite believe what i was hearing, and how these people were treating me.

After six months, the case went back to court and they dropped the charges against me on 13th January 2009. I was not even allowed to be present in court that time. I was simply told by my Solicitor to go home, and I would be able to sue the Police, PPS and my then ex-Neighbour for false arrest and false allegations.

I still had a suspended sentence hanging over my head for a further 13 months because of this Neighbour's previous lies. My Neighbour should have been charged with false allegations, but she was not.

I did not hear from my Solicitor for several weeks after that. When i eventually contacted him, he told me to get on with my life. I contacted several solicitors after that to sue the system, and many solicitors promised me that they would take on my case. However, each time, within days, every set of doors would close on me.

Was this because i was fighting a corrupt system and Carrickfergus PSNI, the Police? Had they a problem in that the system had been slated in the newspapers, all because of me?

I believe the lie detector test and two witnesses saved me from prison. If it were not for that lie detector test, my daughter would have been without her mother for several months because of the lies of one Neighbour.

It's worth noting at this point that the appeal was audio recorded for three days, and there was also a stenographer present in court.


In September 2008, the General Medical Council (GMC) wrote out to the courts because of misconduct allegations made against the Doctor. The courts replied to the GMC, and stated that they did not have any recordings of any evidence. In order to release evidence of any kind through the courts, there hds to be a request made to the Lord Chief Justice, who was Brian Kerr at the time.

Now, why were the transcripts of my three day appeal so difficult to get hold of?

Since I started publicising my story in May 2011, those court transcripts have now turned up. I have received information from the courts, confirming the transcripts are available and also the Lord Chief Justice's office have confirmed these transcripts exist. The General Medical Council have now been informed of this new evidence, which they had been told previously did not exist.


The reason I set up this website was because, on 22nd March 2011, there was a false press report on the BBC News website, stating that the Doctor in question, of Dundonald Health Centre, was "fully vindicated" concerning the claims made in the Sunday World.

It appears the Sunday World and the Doctor came to a private arrangement, due to a technical error made by the Receptionist at CMHT Carrickfergus.

The Receptionist could not recall who she had taken the call from. You'll recall that the Doctor was called back by a Social Worker and that is when the Doctor referred me to be sectioned.

The Doctor was not "fully vindicated", there was still the inappropriate referral made against me. As I stated, that claim was dismissed by my own doctor. To be "fully vindicated", you have to go before a judge and jury, and this did not happen.

Both the CMHT Press Office and myself have demanded that these false press stories be removed. They have not been, and that is when I decided to tell the truth and put my evidence out to you, the public, to view and consider for yourselves.

To me, it seems obvious that the Doctor was deeply involved in this referral. He was the only person that met me, briefly, and he never once divulged this information to the courts.

In the appeal, the Doctor did not even have to answer any questions regards this referral, as the Judge 'gagged' me on asking him any questions regards this.

When the General Medical Council wrote out to the Doctor because of the misconduct allegations against him, he never once replied to them as to whether he had referred me or not!

What did the Doctor have to hide, regarding answering the questions asked by the GMC?


I have never been in trouble in my life before, until the Neighbour started making up stories.

To my mind, there has been a disgraceful abuse of power and a total waste of Police time and taxpayers' money.

If i could give any advice to you, if you ever find yourself wrongly in the legal system, then it is this: ensure that you go before a Jury. Many people have the impression that Judges hate juries - perhaps they take too much of their power away?

I can't help but think, from my experiences that I've noted here, that dirty little deals are done behind closed doors.

They certainly seem to have done so with me!


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